I suppose this is where I should write something about myself in third person, as if someone else is describing what a marvel I am. Well, no one who really knows me would ever write such malarkey, and I’m too cheap to hire it done.

So, how should I proceed? If I tell you much about me, I might scare you off, or worse, put you to sleep. Maybe just the unscary stuff, then. Married for over a third of a century to a beautiful and patient lady; two wonderful grown kids; and I’m a fairly accomplished tennis player, at least when compared to people who don’t play tennis. I play a couple of musical instruments, and produce secret recordings of original songs in my home that no one is ever allowed to hear. To allow them heard would be too much like dropping my drawers in public. I like to try things. In 2014, I was in an episode of the Fox television show, Sleepy Hollow, but I don’t pretend at all to be an actor. I’d never tried it before or since. Lastly, over the years, I’ve turned out to be pretty handy, having built a three room addition on to my house with only my two hands (one of which I repeatedly beat to smithereens with my hammer).

Around the time of my fiftieth birthday, and in the midst of a fairly daunting health issue, I decided I’d better quit dickin’ around and act upon some of the things I found interesting. So, after years of letter writing in my job, I threw myself into a story that had been bouncing around inside of my noggin. After some editing, editing, and more editing, the result is my debut novel being set for publication in the near future by a really happening publisher, based here in the Midwest.

So if you aren’t asleep, or haven’t soiled yourself from fright, then I guess I accomplished what I’d hoped to in this introduction. Please nose around my site. There won’t be squat here in the very beginning, but I’m hoping to add useful and maybe even interesting content as we go through this together. Thanks for visiting. Pat.